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GRPRO is active within the exports sector  promoting Greek products in foreign markets with accountability and consistency.  With presentation being an important factor in entering a foreign market alongside market trends, we place great attention into the specific marketing needs of each product.


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Project Implementation


1.Advertising and promotion.

With a myriad of mediums available to advertise through it can be difficult to choose the right one for your advertising needs. GRPRO can help you identify the best and most efficient way to reach your target audience.


Exporting requirements & individual market needs can vary from country to country. Our knowledge can assist you in saving valuable time and tailoring your exports to its target audiences needs in order to maximize profit.

3.Product specifications.

A markets needs often reflect on a successful products appearance. GRPRO can help you make the right choices.


Final design


1. Advertising and promotion
From a simple leaflet design choice to a multi-media marketing campaign, GRPRO prides itself in being committed to building your brand no matter how big or small your needs are.

2. Exporting.
Trading internationally does not need to be complex. GRPRO can help beat any administrative, cultural or logistical boundaries that might occur thus ensuring the maximisation of your potential profits.

Project Implementation

From marketing and designating the ideal merchants to dealing with the inventory network and regulatory bodies, GRPRO takes pride in being committed to building your brand in every step of the way.

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